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Lip Lickingly Sexy Lingerie Ideas

Lip Lickingly Sexy Lingerie Ideas

Thinking of slipping into something a little more comfortable? Is your current underwear getting a bit boring and you fancy wearing something that’s gonna put a little more sizzle in your sausage? Check out some of the bad boys on this list and treat yourself to a brand new underwear draw!





Corsets have long been associated with sexy, voluptuous women, think burlesque dancing. They can be a rather sexual addition to your arsenal of seductive undergarments, many people however opt for a bustier as they are much more flexible and comfortable than a corset. This less fitted style will mean your waist will not look as small however, this may be one of the reasons why some people prefer a corset as despite the tightness and perhaps less comfort they love the way their figure looks!




Crotchless Panties

These are some pretty sexy looking panties with ‘easy access’, as there is a hole in the material where the crotch would usually be. Whether it’s an alluring little black lace piece or a smoldering PVC number, that hot bedroom partner is going to want to put something up that gap of fabric and take full advantage of the convenience and enjoy the pleasure gained from it.




Open Bras

Open cup and peekaboo bras miss out on the material where it most matters-your extremely sensitive nipples. Open cup bras, as you may be able to tell from the name have no fabric where the cup of the bra would normally be and enable you to stimulate the breast without removing the bra itself. Peekaboo bras do cover the breast but have a small opening where your nipple can protrude from.





Imagine a catsuit that is of a thin and sheer material, usually possessing openings in the right places around the body, got it? Well you’re picturing a bodystocking. These erotic little garments can be accompanied by high heels to make those lace covered legs go on forever.



We hope you’ve got some inspiration for spicing up what you wear under your clothes but more importantly what you wear when taking them off!

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