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Sexy 121 video swingers fun

Once again, another week is drawing to a close and its time for your www.TheAdultHub.com newsletter. We’ve had a very busy week working to make the site the best it can be. We want to make hooking up with your fellow swingers as quick and easy as possible. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please do get in touch.

If you are finding yourself in need of some relaxation, then I suggest a visit to the chat room is in order. You could even pop your webcam on and have some sexy 121 video fun. Guaranteed to help you forget the rubbish weather and the endless list of presents you have still got to get…

Have a cracking weekend,
Rachel X.


My girlfriend is just a sex object to me.

I ask her for sex and she objects.


Axillism is the practice of using the armpit for sex.

Site Poll feedback

Do swingers really have pampas grass in their gardens?

Yes, I own one – 12%
No, I don’t – 44%
I wouldn’t own one – 17%
What’s a Pampas grass – 28%

Husky voiced TV presenter Mariella Frostrup was recently in the news, admitting that she was unaware of the connotations of the pampas grass in her front garden http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-15974553 .This reminded us of this poll that we ran last year. For the 28% that don’t know, pampas grass is that very tall grass with fluffy bits on the top.

Meetups near you

15 th December : Kent Hotel Fun
15 th December : London Hotel
15 th December : Thursday night horny man needed
16 th December : Open to Suggestions
16 th December : Fun Fun Fun

Get the most from Quick Swing..

Do you want other members to know that you are available for a meet in the next 14 days? Pop a Quick Swing on your profile then! First, select the type of event your Quick swing is. This means that if you’re going on holiday and looking for a meet up, you can post a holiday quick swing in that location. Just want to meet for drink or chat with no pressure? Mark it as a social quick swing. For anything else, just mark it as a standard meet, and add any details that are relevant. Then if your Quick Swing catches someone’s eye, all they have to do is click to confirm they want to attend, and you can then sort the finer points of your meet out.

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